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THAT Shlomo Nissim

A guilty plea

Of “Drunk in Charge”

Was never brought to court

Which is quite easily explained

With just a little thought.

The armoured D9 bulldozer,

The vehicle he used,

Was being driv’n on private land,

Not even owned by Jews!

It is alleged in an article in the Ha’aretz newspaper, that the bulldozer driver, Shlomo Nissin apparently boasted that he drove around Jenin knocking down houses without any regard for who might be in them. He was drinking whisky and although assigned specific target houses, he knocked down anything in his way in order to get at them.

It is September

It is September

A year on from the horror;

Israelis are now killing children

With missiles YOU supplied

Free from any fear that YOU,

Even if you do look up from licking

All your unjust wounds,

Will challenge them.

They judge, age-old wily,

That you have no compassion to spare

For the children of that strange intifada.

They judge, cold-eyed,

That you have not the wit

To bother with the history of cruelty

Or the origins of resistance.

They judge, with contempt,

That you are the very rednecks

That you, in your great good humour,

Poke fun about.

We, who are your friends,

And therefore used to being taken for granted,

Are rebuffed when we gently remind you

That Palestine is a ghastly blemish,

Needing your restraining hand.

Though we persevere,

We are aware

That Israel has its “sleepers”

In every industry and boardroom

Of your libertocracy

Perhaps they have only to cry “holocaust”

To hypno-jack your very will

And trigger your descent into trance.

There, with a nose ring fashioned

From a Star of David,

A death star of martial arts

Still crusted with the blood of Palestine,

You go where you are led,

Beef-fat and obedient,

To another child’s slaughter,


Look what you can make with 85 billion dollars of American tax payer aid… this adventure playground for Arab kids….

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