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A Friend in Need

“Dear Vernon, I hope we can still be friends”

Said the man who wanted me to “make amends”

And excommunicated me in just a lifetime’s fraction

Despite believing such an action

Barred me


From exaltation and eternal life!

Felt like those Nazis in their party

Or the cliques of Joe McCarthy

Who handed to the jailers,

The torturers and impalers,

Good folk

Who spoke

In favour of those dissenting in opinion

Now one of the cast outs

I’m stripped of under-clouts

Of my once mighty priesthood

Which “they” said at least would

Protect me

Disinfect me

And keep me safe from Satan’s wiles.

None thought that this was strange

Un-Christian or deranged

That one thought so greatly troubled

Should not have care re-doubled

Be cuddled

Though befuddled

But should be thrown out to the night.

And of a hundred families that were meeting

Only three would give me greeting

And of High Priests, not one

Would speak to me by phone

To see that I

Was getting by

Without feeling too rejected.

And so Dear Lord above

I have done with Mormon “love”

Uncertain where to seek

Lest I find another church that bleak

I dare not trust

Religious, snake-oil lust

That relies on man-made Prophets.

That leaves some choices yet

The Quakers my next bet

Or any congregation

That puts love before damnation

Where I might safely lie

At the feet of God most high

With but one “Prophet”, Jesus Christ!

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