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above quote is aimed at those rednecks who insist on hate abuse for what they wrongly perceive to be sinners. The Lord was able to take murderers and thieves to his heart without abusing them. If only the leaders of the Church could be less concerned with temporal politics and could go out and embrace young people suffering a crisis of sexual identity and soothe them as a loving father might soothe a son. Fathers are there for their sons WHATEVER their situations. The Church cannot also advocate schemes where aversion therapy cruelly offers “help” which does not work. The Church would also seem to be in error in any support for the West Ridge Academy where there are allegations of actual sexual and physical abuse of young people. The prestigious Psychiatric Associations of the USA and the UK agree that homosexuality is not an “affliction” to be cured. In God’s plan as elsewhere expounded, we were intended to be able to use our agency in this world and only to face judgement in the next.

I have included poems first published in “Of Cheese and Rice and rattlesnakes” to illustrate how much my attitude to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has changed since my baptism in 1992. Not familiarity breeding contempt, but knowledge fuelling genuine and proven concern. When I wrote the earlier poems, I was in a state of something like ecstasy (or delusion). I did not bother with inconsistencies in Church policies or teaching, with the improbable “Book of Abraham” or the mysterious planet Kolob, etc. I was on a high. In this state I was able to achieve giving up smoking and other worldly habits some of which changes were of undoubted benefit to me. I also met many fine people. However, it has become apparent that the price for this is acknowledging untruth and being tacitly complicit in cruelty to other people with challenges of various kinds.

I now feel cheated since the Church clearly does not honour and sustain the Civil Partnership laws of this land as it promised in Article 12. Maybe that is why the Church

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