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mounts manifestly vehement campaigns to change such laws everywhere. Nor has it any compunction about interfering in politics – not with doctrine but with actual funds and resources. I now believe that tithing money was extracted from me under false pretences and for sometimes sinister purposes. And I have also reflected on the policies of the Church in the light of revelations such as those in the Mormon Delusion trilogy by author, Jim Whitefield. Suddenly, it feels that I am wide awake and rational and an escapee from vilification breathing bigotry-free air. More importantly, I am also one of the “wronged innocents” of the gay community, long overdue an apology from so-called friends and leaders who acted against me or judged me unkindly. They set their “status” and “duty” above friendship. Given a uniform, they might, as we joke, invade Poland.

Vernon Moyse

June 2010

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