The Ode Less Travelled

by Stephen Fry, published by Hutchinson


If you wake up in the morning feeling tetchy and “blocked”, what better than a good “fry-up” to lift the spirits - or a Fry-Uplift to dispell that block. And this book really does give you a lift. A masterly dissertation on poetic forms that is readable, witty, simple to follow and just begging for you to “have a go”. I read a newspaper review when the book came out and found it to be an affront to logic. The review reminded me of nothing more than the Catholic clergy opposing the clarity of the English, as opposed to Latin, bible. Don’t give the ‘hoy palloy’ the tools to do our job, it seemed to say! But Stephen Fry says, “here are the rules, such as they are, go and play with them and have fun”. If you are a newby poet, get the book, read and enjoy it and make it your bible. It is such good fun and such a masterly analysis!

In due course, I plan to have competitions in various poetic forms and to reward the “winners” as handsomely as my savings of £3 7s 6d (I miss the Romans, don’t you?) will allow.

The book is quite simply MAGIC! Buy it, buy it, buy it!